Why Does this Web Site Exist?


The Issue

Wild Wilderness has accumulated more than ample data to support our claim that the “recreation fee demonstration program” is part of a larger agenda being foisted upon the American public through a collaborative effort of the “wise-use” movement, the recreation industry and sympathetic members of Congress. The real objective of this effort is to “commercialize, privatize and motorize” opportunities for recreation on federal public-lands.


What Wild Wilderness Aims to Accomplish With this Web Site

  •  We shall provide journalists, environmental organizations, recreation associations and other interested parties with easy access to the factual basis upon which our “commercialize, privatize and motorize” claim is made. Internet links shall be created to scores of supporting documents. Wild Wilderness shall serve as a guide, pointing out issues and materials that may be of specific interest to site visitors.

  •  We shall draw attention to, and attempt to defeat, any legislative effort designed to promote the “commercialization, privatization and motorization” agenda.  Senator Frank Murkowski’s “Recreation Super-Bill Initiative”, although not yet introduced in the Senate, threatens to be a piece of extremely detrimental legislation.

  •  We shall expose the American Recreation Coalition as this nation’s most active and powerful recreation lobby acting specifically to promote the “commercialization, privatization and motorization” agenda for the benefit of its corporate members. Public attention shall be drawn to those companies which support and finance this movement.

  •  We shall encourage all Americans to lobby for increasing federal revenue allocations to those agencies which provide recreational opportunities on public-lands. Powerful leaders of Congressional Natural Resources Committees have lead an effort to “starve” these agencies into accepting, as their salvation, the “commercialize, privatize and motorize” agenda. This must stop.

  •  We shall encourage all Americans to take a more active role in protecting our nation’s wild lands, our national parks, and other undeveloped recreational opportunities from the concerted efforts of those now seeking to fully “commercialize, privatize and motorize” these resources.

  • This document was prepared by Wild Wilderness. To learn more about ongoing industry-backed congressional efforts to motorize, commercialize, and privatize America's public lands, contact:

    Scott Silver, Executive Director,
    248 NW Wilmington Avenue,  Bend  OR 97701
    Phone (541) 385-5261    E-mail: ssilver@wildwilderness.org