Who or What is "Wild Wilderness"?

In 1991, Wild Wilderness began participating in local Forest Service meetings as just a couple of Bend Oregon residents who happened to "appreciate the value of wildness".

In 1994, the Forest Service developed plans that would have turned a favorite local winter recreation area into the motorized "snopark from hell." Had we not accidentally learned of this proposal, it would surely have been approved without any comment from the general public. Instead, for nearly two years, Wild Wilderness focused public attention upon this issue. Not only is there no additional snowmobile parking at this location today, but as a result of input received through the public comment process, all marked Nordic Trails have since been closed to snowmobile use.

In the spring of 1997, Wild Wilderness chanced upon the following statement in another Forest Service brochure: "The Forest Service's Recreation Fee Demonstration Program was developed in partnership with leading national recreation interests. Its implementation is occurring through a Challenge Cost Share partnership with the American Recreation Coalition (ARC)..." It was something we sensed in these words that set off warning bells.

In the summer of 1997 Wild Wilderness created our own website as a means, once again, of warning the general public. This time, however, our issue is no longer just of local interest, but relates to those "leading national recreation interests" and their plans for the future of outdoor recreation in America.

If you appreciate the value of wilderness, then you will want to join us in opposing the onslaught of congressional legislation currently being written in an attempt to motorize, commercialize, and privatize virtually all future recreation opportunities on all federally managed public lands.... forevermore.

This document was prepared by Wild Wilderness. To learn more about ongoing industry-backed congressional efforts to motorize, commercialize, and privatize America's public lands, contact:

Scott Silver, Executive Director,
248 NW Wilmington Avenue,  Bend  OR 97701
Phone (541) 385-5261    E-mail: ssilver@wildwilderness.org