The Reasons Why Americans Oppose Fee-Demo

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High Plains Films and Wild Wilderness
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Selling Our Birthright Video


For one very low price you can obtain two versions of "Selling Our Birthright: The Reasons Oppose Fee-Demo."

In just 9:38min or 28:33min discover why, from coast to coast, Americans oppose paying to use public lands they already own. Learn why over 200 organizations now oppose the recreation industry's attempt to privatize, commercialize and motorize America's great outdoors.

Selling our Birthright was created to help educate the media, recreation groups, conservation organizations and others about this most important and highly controversial issue. This video is ideally suited for showing at organization/club meetings. It is also perfect for direct broadcast by Public Access Television stations or as "b-roll" background footage for major TV network coverage.

Selling Our Birthright is available directly from:

Joe DeFelice

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Selling Our Birthright is also available on broadcast-quality media formats:
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This document was prepared by Wild Wilderness. To learn more about ongoing industry-backed congressional efforts to motorize, commercialize, and privatize America's public lands, contact:

Scott Silver, Executive Director,
Wild Wilderness
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