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Fee-Demo: Brought to you by
The Walt Disney Company and REI

  • "We are proud to say the American Recreation Coalition and the Recreation Roundtable - a related group of recreation-industry CEO's - have invested heavily in staff and member time in helping the federal agencies covered by the fee demonstration program with project-level and national support and advice on sound fee programs. We have arranged for top marketing and communications executives from Disney, REI and other companies to work with the Enterprise Forest fee team in the design and implementation of that project; we have assisted more than a dozen additional Forest Service fee sites with specific communications efforts, enabling them to reach the general public and likely visitors with fee program information prior to arrival. We have worked with National Park Service staff in Washington to outline new and innovative approaches on fees, some of which I'll address momentarily."

    From speech to Congress, February 26, 1998
    by Derrick Crandall, President, American Recreation Coalition
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  • "We are very pleased that the National Recreation Fee Demonstration Program, which is the direct result of our efforts, will produce more than $150 million this year in new receipts for the four agencies covered, including an estimated $20 million for the Forest Service."

    From letter to Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture dated 9/2/98
    signed by:

    Wally Smith, Chairman of REI,
    Kym Murphy, Vice President, Walt Disney Company,
    plus 14 other corporate executives from the Recreation Roundtable.



  • The following is Congressional Testimony by Arthur Peterson, President of Kampgrounds of America, Member of the American Recreation Coalition and of ARC's Recreation Roundtable.

    "Both KOA and the Recreation Roundtable have a long-time interest in the topic of recreation fees on public lands.  ... I can assure that our experience, and the experiences of companies ranging from L.L. Bean to Disney, Coleman to REI, Fleetwood to OMC and more, is that the American public expects good value in its recreation choices, and will choose to pay more for clean, safe, well operated facilities.

    These experiences led the Recreation Roundtable to support fair but higher fees for recreation on federal lands beginning in the late 1980's.  We supported the fee demonstration initiative at its inception in 1995 and have invested substantial energies working with the demonstration sites of several agencies to make the program successful."

    Important Announcement - REI Quits ARC's Recreation Roundtable click.