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  • ARC Continues to Provide Means for Quality Recreation Experiences

  • ( "We'll be stepping up our communications efforts on the fee matter - explaining that fees aren't really the issue. Our goal is quality recreation experiences for Americans who visit these special shared treasures.")

  • Thirty-Three Roads Designated As Scenic Byways

  • ( "What could be better for the RV industry than an ever-growing national system of Scenic Byways for our consumers to enjoy?" said RVIA Chairman of the Board Kelly Rose. "The American Recreation Coalition developed the Scenic Byways program, and with RVIAís help continues to support its expansion.")

  • Ted Williams on Conservation

  • ("Last year Teaming finally fizzled, a victim of a tax-goosey Congress and greedy, myopic elements of the outdoor-equipment industry, most notably: the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America, the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association and the American Recreation Coalition.")

  • RV America's Mission

  • ( "The American Recreation Coalition (ARC), a powerful voice in Washington, which represents the combined recreation coalition -- from snowmobiling to watersports to the RV lifestyle. ARC works closely with officials in Washington and was the prime architect of our National Scenic By-Ways program, the force behind President Regan's Study of American Recreation. And ARC is a strong advocate in protecting access to public lands, national parks and forests and to insure that RVs and their owners are not unreasonably or specifically taxed to support the RV lifestyle.")

  • The American Recreation Coalition (ARC) Works For All of Us

  • ("Twenty years ago, the recreation community had no voice in Washington. Today ARC is the focal point for outdoor recreation policy discussions and decisions. We've moved from being reactive, successfully blunting federal and state level actions threatening recreation - like excise taxes on specific products or bans on weekend boating - to being proactive, championing issues and actions, processes and products that enhance outdoor recreation experiences in this country. And along the way, we've developed working relationships with officials in the legislative and executive branches of the federal government that are nothing short of remarkable.")

  • Roadblock Ahead

  • ( American Recreation Coalition says: "If the trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles so vital to America's recreation community today lose these unique features, as could be the case if mandatory greenhouse gas emissions controls resulted in markedly higher vehicle fuel economy standards, the opportunities and quality of experience for American recreationists would be sorely degraded. ")

  • Has Tourism Gone Too Far?

  • ("There are lots of impacts on wildlife, and the effects from personal watercraft are pretty insignificant," says Derrick Crandall, president of the American Recreation Coalition.)


    Derrick Crandall
    Derrick Crandall, President
    American Recreation Coalition

  • Partners Outdoors Fair

  • ( "The Partners Outdoors Fair will again kick-off Great Outdoor Week in Washington, D.C., on June 9 through June 13, 1997, in the Rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building, hosted by Senator Frank Murkowski (AK-R), and the American Recreation Coalition. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been asked to identify exceptional examples of public/private partnerships at work enhancing recreational and tourism opportunities on the BLM public lands.")

  • Fourth International Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Trends Symposium

  • ( "Funding: Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute, American Recreation Coalition, National Association of Interpreters, National Parks and Conservation Association, Outward Bound, USDA, Forest Service, USDI, Bureau of Land Management, USDI, Bureau of Reclamation, USDI, National Biological Service, USDI, National Park Service, USDI, Fish and Wildlife Service, Wilderness Inquiry.")

  • BLM - Review of Draft Interpretive Strategy Plan

  • ( "Actions: 1. Promote interagency cooperation and national level partnerships through the Federal Interagency Council for Interpretation, the National Association for Interpretation, the Association for Partners for Public Lands, the American Recreation Coalition, and other organizations.")

  • BLM Legends Honoree at Great Outdoors Award Ceremony

  • ( "We invite each State Director to nominate one outstanding recreation employee from your State to compete for the selection as the BLM Legends Honoree at the Annual Great Outdoors Award Ceremony, hosted by the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) during Great Outdoors Week, June 7-11, 1999.")

  • BLM - FY 1997 Golden Anniversary Partnership Projects

  • ( "[The] BLM has worked closely with the Recreation Roundtable to further the Roundtable's goals of making our citizens aware of and creating new recreational opportunities, working through partnerships, and all the time stressing conservation of our resources.... Creative partnerships and volunteer programs, many with the Recreation Roundtable members, have become trademarks of BLM. Successful programs based on partnerships include Watchable Wildlife, Celebrating Wildflowers, and Back Country Byways. BLM has also developed partnerships with outfitters and guides, campground managers, and resort operators to provide quality experiences to the public.")

  • BLM - Statewide Recreation Conference February 1999

  • ( "Another critical element this year is the emphasis on the OHV Grant Program and Recreation Fees. Both of these programs are becoming more critical to our capability to provide services and opportunities to the customer. ")

  • Oversight hearing on the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program, February 4, 1999

  • ( Senate Testimony of Derrick Crandall: "The recreation community enjoys free lunches just as much as any other interest group, but we have come to understand that it is hard to demand a great meal when you aren't paying.")

  • Government Affairs Updates

  • ("By the time a few of you have read this, eight AANR folks, including AANR President Leonite Moore, Executive Director Roslyn Scheer and Government Affairs Chair Marilou Aguirre, will have participated in the American Recreation Coalition's Great Outdoors Week in early June. Who and what is the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) and how and when did AANR become a member of ARC? And what is Great Outdoors Week and why does AANR participate? ")

  • Air Tour Operators "ENCOURAGED" following private meeting

  • ("USATA President Steve Bassett, Legislative Counsel Jim Santini and HAIís Bill Wannamaker met with leaders from the American Recreation Coalition to examine the broader ramifications of the NPS initiative to statutorily establish "natural quiet" as a "resource" to be protected by local park superintendents with their scientifically innovative ground monitoring devices. The preliminary meeting was arranged by ARC President Derrick Crandall at the request of Jim Santini. Participants included representatives of the motorcycle, snowmobile, snow ski and recreational vehicle organizations which have been contesting with land managers on the noise issue front for many years. ")

  • Minutes of the Meeting of the Legislative Committee on Public Lands

  • ("Derrick A. Crandall, President, American Recreation Coalition, provided a document titled "Key Recreation Issues and Programs: ARCís 1997 Accomplishments and 1998 Goals." In addition to the issues contained in this exhibit, Mr. Crandall discussed:
  • Overflight of the Grand Canyon;
  • Personal watercraft use;
  • Global climate changes that affect tourism;
  • Fee services areas; and
  • The Forest Service road service program and the federal land highway program.")
  • Clinton plan hopes to reassert the value of 'wilderness'

  • ("Some tourism promoters in national park gateway communities fiercely oppose more wilderness. The administration's emphasis is misplaced, says Derrick Crandall, president of the American Recreation Coalition, which represents organizations such as off-road vehicle clubs.")




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