Mission Statement

"Undeveloped recreation" is a name given to a wide variety of outdoor activities enjoyed by many enthusiasts, including backcountry skiers, hikers, bird-watchers, mountaineers, stream fisherman and many others. Unlike recreational activities dependent upon trails, campgrounds, roads and other man-made "improvements", undeveloped recreation is most enjoyable if experienced in a more natural setting. As interest in all forms of recreation grows, competition for land resources becomes ever more intense. Without adequate support, undeveloped recreation stands little chance against the onslaught of those who seek maximal development and exploitation of our land resources.

Our mission is to advocate for the protection and enhancement of those recreational activities most dependent upon what are commonly known as "wilderness values", namely: naturalness, solitude, challenge and inspiration. We strive to ensure that Wilderness areas, roadless areas and other areas now substantially free of development will continue to provide outstanding opportunities for high quality, non-motorized, recreation.