Radio Interview with Scott Silver

On April 14, 2004, activist Scott Silver and interviewer Mike Hudak spoke on live radio about a range of topics. Those with high speed internet access, a willingness to listen to 40 minutes of dialog and a desire to better understand what Silver calls "The Corporate Takeover of Nature" will likely find this interview of considerable interest.

The follows is a description of the interview as provided on the website

Scott Silver is co-founder and Executive Director of Wild Wilderness, which has since 1991 sought to ensure that wilderness areas, roadless areas and other areas now substantially free of development will continue to provide outstanding opportunities for high-quality, non-motorized, recreation. As Wild Wilderness director, Silver has focused his efforts on educating the American public about changing attitudes in federal lands management philosophy that are leading toward greater "commercialization, privatization and motorization" of our nation's public lands. In this interview Scott speaks at length about the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program and its primary booster, the American Recreation Coalition. (Duration: 37 minutes, 8.6 MBytes)

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This document was prepared by, Wild Wilderness, a grassroots organization involved in recreational issues since 1991. Our Mission is to "Protect and Enhance Opportunities for Undeveloped Recreation."