Here are just a few excellent reasons to:

!!! BOYCOTT !!!




We know you can come up with many more of your own...

Future enjoyment of, and access to, all federal recreational lands will be decided by legislation coming up in the summer of 2004. Passage of new laws will be extremely dependent upon how the public responds to this 'trial balloon' program. Now is the time to complain. Because if you don't, these laws will Motorize, Commercialize, and Privatize America's remaining unspoiled mountains, lakes and trails . . . forevermore.

In late November of 2004, the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program (Fee-Demo) was replaced with a more aggressive, expanded, and generally worse program known as the "Recreation Access Tax" [ RAT ].   Fee-Demo is dead, though for now, the RAT lives on.


Boycott Symbol

Call or write the U.S. Forest Service, your Congressmen, President George Bush or whomever you think might help. Tell them why you object to this "Demonstration Fee Program." Display the "No Trail Fee" sticker (illustrated above) on your car windshield. Sign the attached petition from the Washington state organization "Free Our Forests," and gather additional signatures. And, if you dare, engage in a little civil disobedience. Go hiking without a permit!

This Alert was prepared by Wild Wilderness, a grassroots organization involved in recreational issues since 1991. Our Mission is to "Protect and Enhance Opportunities for Undeveloped Recreation."
For more information, or to obtain a free "No Trail Fee" sticker,
contact Wild Wilderness at (541) 385-5261.