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The Global Climate 

Right now, U.S. negotiators are pushing for a one-sided international climate agreement.

It lets countries like China, India and Mexico off the hook, while Americans are forced to make enormous personal sacrifices. It will hit consumer pocket-books hard through higher prices for energy and consumer goods.

According to a recent U.S. Department of Energy study, the agreement will seriously damage our economic growth. And because it will be cheaper to make things like cars, steel, cement and chemicals overseas, thatís where American jobs will go.

Most Americans think this is a lot

of pain for no gain. Hereís what a few concerned groups have to say:

"The impact ... would be a bureaucratic nightmare for the small business community ... the obvious consequence would be the destruction of American jobs."
-- Small Business Survival Committee

"... the resulting economic dislocation ... would far outweigh any potential environmental benefit. Additionally, this would be a largely self-defeating policy that leaves all developing countries exempt from any meaningful discipline to curb emissions."
-- U.S. Chamber of Commerce

"... people in developed countries will bear the costs of tight restrictions and higher prices for energy use."
-- Consumer Alert

"U.S. farmers and ranchers may be placed at a serious disadvantage with agricultural producers in countries which do not plan to reduce greenhouse gases."
-- American Farm Bureau Federation

Please, Mr. President, donít commit the United States to sign an agreement thatís harmful to America.

Agri-business Council of Arizona
Alaskans for Tax Reform
Alaska Trucking Association
Alliance for America
American Coalition for Traffic Safety
American Farm Bureau Federation
Americans for Tax Reform
American Highway Users Alliance
American Legislative Exchange Council
American Recreation Coalition
American Rental Association
American Road and Transportation Builders Association
Arizona Automobile Dealers Association
Arkansas Automobile Dealers Association
Blue Ribbon Coalition
California Cattlemenís Association
California Chamber of Commerce
California Farm Bureau Federation
California Poultry Industry Federation
California Travel Parks Association
Center for a Sound Economy
Coalition for Vehicle Choice
Coalition of Arizona/ New Mexico Counties
Colorado Highway Users Conference
Colorado State Grange
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Consumer Alert
East Chicago Chamber of Commerce
Emergency Nurses CARE
The Fertilizer Institute
The Heartland Institute
Holenstein Association USA, Inc.
Independent Cattlemenís Association of Texas
Indianaís Land Improvement Contractors Association
International Family Recreation Association
Kansas Aggregate Producers association
Kansas Cement Council
Kansas Fertilizer and Chemical Association
Kansas Livestock Association
Kansas Redi-mixed Concrete Association
Las Vegas/San Miguel Chamber of Commerce
Louisiana Ammonium Producers Association
Louisiana Auto Dealers Association
Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation
Marine Retailers Association of America
Mason Contractors Association of New Mexico
National Association of Plumbing-Heating -Cooling Contractors
National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
National Association of Trailer Manufactures
National Cattlemenís Beef Association
National Association Center for Public Policy Research
National Grange
National Lumber and Building Materials Dealers Association
National Marine Manufactures Association
National Recreational Vehicle Owners Club
National Truck Equipment Association
New Mexico Chapter American Fire Sprinkler Association
New Mexico Concrete, Sand and Gravel Association
New Mexico Highway Users Conference
New Mexico Horsemení Association
New Mexico Horse Breeders Association
New Mexico Sheet Metal Contractorís Association
New York State Automobile Dealers Association
New York Coalition for Transportation Safety
Northern Lumber Manufacturers Association
Okanogan Resource Council
Old Dominion Morgan Horse Association
Outdoor Amusement Business Association, Inc.
Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry
People for the West
Recreation Vehicle Indiana Council
Recreation Vehicle Industry Association
Rio Grand Underground Contractors Association
Small Business Survival Committee
Southwest Meat Association
Sovereignty International
Tennessee Association of Resort, Marinas and Marine Dealers
Tennessee Automotive Aftermarket Association
Texas Agriculture Council
Texas Citizens for a Sound Economy
Texas Farm Bureau Federation
Texas Poultry Federation
The New Mexico Commission on Indian Affairs
The Rutherford Institute
United Agribusiness League
United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Agri-business Council
Virginia Auto Dealers Association
Virginia Farm Bureau
Wally Byam Caravan Club International

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