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Smokey says:"See you real soon"
From the Chattooga Quarterly;
Chattooga River Watershed Coalition,
POB 2006, Clayton, GA 30525


    Leads for Exploration

    The following are incomplete, but highly suggestive, stories. Readers are invited to use these leads as sources for further investigation. They should not be published or distributed without express permission from Wild Wilderness. 


  • Recreation Data: Can You Believe Them? Or Are We Being Conned?

  • (Federal land-management agencies are using data researched by a firm of questionable integrity, and paid for by large corporate recreation interest groups.)


  • U.S. Forest Service Chief Sees Managing Recreation the Way Companies Use "Brand-Names"

  • (Having failed at the "Brand-Name" approach while CEO of Times Mirror, former Recreation Rountable Chairman Pandolfi, tries his brand of management on our public-lands.)


  • Let's Tie It All Together

  • (The interconnections between American Recreation Coalition, the Recreation Roundtable, Senator Frank Murkowski, US Forest Service Chief of Staff, Francis Pandolfi, and Roper Starch Worldwide, are all tied together in one neat package.)


  • The ARC - Global Warming Connection

  • (While most Americans believe  we must address the issue of global warming, the American Recreation Coalition is actively opposing controls on green-house gas emissions. In fact, ARC is a major player in the wise-use movement's effort to protect the rights of corporations to pollute.)