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In Wildness is
the Preservation of the World

Henry Thoreau


The success of the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program (Fee-Demo) is critical to the recreation-industry lead efforts to commercialize, privatize and motorize America's public lands.

Before Fee-Demo, the recreation industry had extremely limited ability to directly profit from the development of our public lands. In their attempt to generate larger profits and to exert their domination upon America's wild lands, these corporate entities have literally forced Fee-Demo upon the citizens of this nation. Simply stated, the tradition of free public access to public lands stood in the way of business.

On January 2, 1999, the Biodiversity Legal Foundation of Boulder, Colorado wrote:
  "We are confronted with what may be one of the severest challenges ever to face environmental preservation - the current big money/industrial drive toward developing mass outdoor recreation..."  

This threat, what many are calling "Industrial Strength Wreckreation" or "Industrial Tourism" (a name coined by Edward Abbey) is dependent upon the success of the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program. Without Fee-Demo, there are extremely limited financial incentives associated with the management of recreation activities upon public lands.

If, however, permanent fee collection authority is approved by Congress, as is now being sought by the American Recreation Coalition and their member corporations, then "Wreckreation" on public lands will come to be managed in accordance with free-market doctrine. Environmental consideration will become secondary to revenue generation. And, when public lands are managed to ensure satisfactory financial returns, we will have turned recreation into just another extractive industry, no different than mining, logging, or grazing.

Wild Wilderness has dubbed this situation "The Corporate Takeover of Nature," and it is for this reason that we strongly urge you to oppose Fee-Demo.

When you are next asked to purchase a recreational "product" made possible by the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program, please reflect upon the warnings of Thoreau and Abbey and join us in boycotting the Fee-Demo program.



  • A Strategy for Recreation  [EXTREMELY IMPORTANT]

  • (Read a shockingly honest explanation of how the USFS intends to commercialize and privatize the lands we, the American people, have entrusted to it.)

    Agreement Between ARC and the U.S. Forest Service 
    (This is the actual Challenge Cost-Share Partnership agreement for the Demonstration Recreation Fee Program. ARC paid for the program so ARC gets to control the message.)

    USFS pays private consultant $250,000 to make Fee-Demo work 
    Read about the Forest Service "Marketing Resources Group." They believe they have a great product to sell ... if only the public would pay for it.

  • USFS:   "National Recreation Strategy"  

  • (In 1988 ARC led President Ronald Reagan's Commission on Americans Outdoors to conclude that our public lands should be commercialized, privatized, and motorized.)

  • President Reagan's uses fees to cut park funding 

  • (When Ronald Reagan and James Watt introduced their National Parks fee legislation the stated purpose was to free the parks from appropriated funding and force the NPS to be self-funded.)

  • Army Corps Engineers: Recreation Partnership Initiative [Very Explicit]

  • (The Corps describes a "win-win-win" scenario in which privately financed recreation infrastructure is build on public lands.")

  • Forest Service "Brands" of Recreation 

  • (View the new product logos of the US Forest Service. This page is directly related to the page listed immediately below. Both are very important.)

  • Forest Service: Marketing the Great Outdoors [MUST READ]

  • (Forest Service top executive asks - "Have we fully explored our gold mine of recreation opportunities in this country and managed it as if it were consumer product brands?")

  • ARC's Answer to Public Lands Funding  

  • (This is legislation ARC is shopping around the House of Representatives. So far, no one in Congress is willing to sponsor this bill. Look out, this will be introduced in the 106th Congress.)

  • An Outdoor Recreation Policy 

  • (This official Policy Document is what now guides Congress in its effort of Commercialize and Privatize America's public lands. Painful to read, but truly enlightening!)

  • Outdoor Recreation: A Reader for Congress 

  • (Chairman Frank Murkowski introduces this "reader" by reminding committee members that recreation is not only about "fun and games." It's about money and partnerships with the private sector!)

  • ARC Director Christine Jourdain tells Congress how fee-demo should be run

  • (Congressional testimony from May 6, 2004 explains precisely how the recreation industry wants to take control of the fee-demonstration program.)  [MUST READ]

  • KOA President Tells Congress how Public Lands Should be Run

  • (Hear the true story straight from ARC's spokesman. This testimony should make your hair stand on end. KOA's are coming to a forest near you, and Fee-Demo is nothing but the nose of the camel.)

  • Good Sam Club Director Tells Congress - RVers are Prepared to Pay-to-Play

  • (ARC Board Member, Susan Bray, let's Congress know their members support fee-demo so long as it provides campgrounds optimized for RVers, paved roads into Wild lands and plenty of roadside attractions.)

  • The BlueRibbon Coalition Addresses Congress on Fee-Demo

  • (The motorized recreation community has only one complaint about fee-demo. They are worried that some of the money is not being spent to provide new motorized trails, snow groomers, and ACCESS!)

  • Private/Public Ventures

  • (Read about a disastrous new USFS program designed to attract private investment to finance commercial, privately owned facilities upon public lands. After the camel's nose, comes this!)

  • Recreation Super-Bill (Murkowski)

  • (Senator Murkowski's statement on his proposed omnibus legislation, with notes provided by Wild Wilderness. This is ARC- sponsored legislation, written for recreation industry special interests such as KOA, Disney, REI and others.)

  • Recreation Super-Bill (Crandall)

  • (Derrick Crandall, ARC President, explains the legislation his team has co-authored with Senator Murkowski.)

  • American Recreation Coalition Membership

  • (Learn who ARC represents. It's certainly not you. Link to ARC's web page.)

  • They Paid-To-Play - Now So Must You!

  • (Follow the money. Find out which politicians receive campaign contributions for ARC member corporations.)

  • Memorandum of Understanding: The Walt Disney Company

  • (An agreement between Disney and the U.S. Government to conduct joint research and educational projects involving natural resource management issues. Read it and try not to cry.)
    Mickey's Foot in Door The Walt Disney Company is such an important player in the future of America's Public Lands. They are a sustaining member of the American Recreation Coalition, they are a member of the Recreation Roundtable and they are SO MUCH MORE!

  • Recreation Roundtable Membership

  • (List of Recreation Roundtable Members and their corporate affiliations. These are the players calling the shots in Washington.)

  • The Partners Outdoors Program [ Major Gateway]
    (An annual conference held at DisneyWorld sponsored by ARC's Recreation Roundtable and seven federal agencies. Learn how the private recreation industry and public employees are conspiring to create recreation policy for America's public lands.)

  • Political Contributions by ARC and the Recreation Roundtable

  • (Follow the money. See whose pockets Derrick Crandall lines.)

  • Recreation Exchange Membership

  • (List of corporations who support ARC's Recreation Exchange. The exchange is a monthly get-together of recreation industry executives and federal policy decision makers.)

  • ARC's 1994 Tax Return

  • (How can ARC possibly qualify as a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Corporation?)

  • ARC's 1998 Board of Directors

  • (Discover who's on ARC's Board of Directors. We've provided their names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. They'd love to hear from you!)

  • ARC Congressional Testimony 1998

  • (ARC's Feb. 26, 1998 Congressional statement in support of its Fee-Demo program. Listen to the man who brought you Fee-Demo.)

  • More ARC Congressional Testimony 1998

  • (ARC's May 7, 1998 Congressional statement in support of pay-to-play, commercial, recreation. Derrick Crandall tells congress how National Forests and Parks should be run.)

  • ARC Senate Testimony 1999

  • (ARC's Feb. 4, 1999 Senate Hearing statement in support of Fee-Demo. Crandall, once again, instructs Congress on Fee-Demo and outdoor recreation.)

  • U.S. Forest Service Partnership Guide

  • (This document was recently removed from the web by the USFS. We suspect they didn't want you to read it!)

  • National Forest Foundation

  • (The NFF "is the official nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service"... created by Congress, no less! What a boondoggle.)

  • GAO Report: Forest Service - Barriers to Generating Revenue or Reducing Costs

  • ("This report (1) identifies the lessons that can be learned from efforts by nonfederal land managers to generate revenue or become financially self-sufficient from the sale or use of natural resources on their lands and (2) discusses legal and other barriers that may prevent the Forest Service from implementing similar efforts on its lands.")

  • GAO Report: Fees for Recreation Special-Use Permits Do Not Reflect Fair Market Value

  • ("Overall, our past work has shown that frequently the Forest Service charges considerably less than fair market prices for the use of the land for these major commercial activities and that as a result federal fee revenues are millions of dollars less than they could be.")

  • Forest Service explains why Fee-Demo is important to Industrial Tourism

  • ("Many areas are now charging fees and having those fees returned to the site where collected thanks to this innovative congressional program. Marketing plans and business plans are now becoming part of the Forest Service lingo. Outfitter and Guide service operations and other private concessions are now being seen more as partners...")

  • Still More ARC Links

  • (More Dirt on the American Recreation Coalition and its president, Derrick A. Crandall.)

A Bad Program That Must be Stopped!

    The following references pertain to a proposal currently being evaluated by Congress and the Department of the Interior. If enacted, this program would remove 2100 lakes from federal management and turn control over to local, state and corporate interests.

    This is the most egregious legislation currently being advanced by the American Recreation Coalition and under no circumstances must this program be allowed to proceed beyond the study phase.



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