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American Recreation Coalition


ARC's 1994 tax return filed on behalf of this 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation officially declared its primary tax exempt purpose as follows:

"The Coalition is organized exclusively for the charitable and educational purposes of promoting, stimulating and encouraging improvement in the quality of life through leisure-time activities."


The following persons are listed on form 990 as Members of the Board of Directors

David Humphreys (Founder and Chairman of the Board of ARC).
Humphreys is the President of Recreational Vehicle Industry Association: "an association of manufacturers and suppliers of recreation vehicles which together are responsible for approximately 95% of all recreational vehicles in the United States."

Derrick Crandall (President of ARC)
Crandall's salary was $149,392 in 1994.

Rex G Maughan (Treasurer of ARC)
Maughan is the Chairman and President of "Forever Living Products" a pyramid marketing scheme for aloe vera products. He is Chairman of the National Parks Services Concessionaires which (supposedly) "oversees the protection of the US National Parks System." Maugham holds multiple grazing permits on the Prescott National Forest.

Jeff Napier (Vice Chairman of ARC, Member Recreation Roundtable)
Napier is President of National Marine Manufactures Association an industry group that is actively promoting a "National Recreation Lakes Program" which seeks to privatize management of over 2000 lakes currently under federal authority.

Robert W. Rasor (Vice Chairman of ARC, Member Recreation Roundtable)
Rasor is Vice President of Government Relations for the American Motorcyclists Association.

Kieth Kamback (Vice Chairman of ARC, Member Recreation Roundtable)
Kamback is a former Vice President of the Walt Disney Company. He is currently President and COO of Hecker Pass Theme Park.

Roy W. Muth (Vice Chairman of ARC)
Muth is President & CEO of the International Snowmobile Industry Association.

Kym Murphy (Director of ARC, Member Recreation Roundtable)
Murphy is Corporate Vice President of Environmental Policy with the Walt Disney Company.


Whereas the American Recreation Coalition declares itself to be organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes on this tax form, it's own literature often uses very different descriptions. The following descriptions are quoted directly from various ARC sources:


  • "The American Recreation Coalition, a federation of more than 100 recreation-related associations and corporations, provides a unified voice for recreation interests to ensure their full and active participation in government policy-making."

  • "ARC is now a well-established national federation of more than 100 private sector organizations. Its volunteer leaders run the nation's most prominent recreation companies and recreation-related associations."

  • "The American Recreation Coalition is a national federation of more than 100 organizations dedicated to enhancing outdoor recreation and protecting natural resources. The Coalition helped create the Presidents Commission on American Outdoors in 1985, and recommended the commission create the National Scenic Byways program."

  • "The American Recreation Coalition, a federation of more than 100 recreation corporations and associations, works to enhance and protect outdoor recreation opportunities and resources, especially by fostering creative partnerships between the private and public sectors of American society."

  • "The American Recreation Coalition (ARC) is a Washington-based non-profit organization formed in 1979. Since its inception, ARC has sought to catalyze public/private partnerships to enhance and protect outdoor recreational opportunities and the resources upon which such experiences are based."

  • "The Recreation Roundtable was formed in 1989 to provide a key group of creative outdoor recreation industry CEO's with a forum for discussions regarding public policies affecting recreation and to serve as a catalyst for partnership actions which enhance recreation opportunities in America."

    But, a much more accurate description of ARC's real purpose is found in the following quote from the United States Air Tour Association:

    "USATA President Steve Bassett, Legislative Counsel Jim Santini and HAI's Bill Wannamaker met with leaders from the American Recreation Coalition to examine the broader ramifications of the NPS initiative to statutorily establish "natural quiet" as a "resource" to be protected by local park superintendents with their scientifically innovative ground monitoring devices. The preliminary meeting was arranged by ARC President Derrick Crandall at the request of Jim Santini. Participants included representatives of the motorcycle, snowmobile, snow ski and recreational vehicle organizations which have been contesting with land managers on the noise issue front for many years. "The issue of noise at national parks is not limited just to the air tour industry," said Santini. "The evidence is clear that the NPS grand plan is to eliminate anything from parks which produce any level of noise above a whisper," he added."


    Let there be do doubt:






    And for this…

    American Recreation Coalition is allowed to operate as a tax exempt, non-profit corporation!


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