Fee-Demo is Un-Democratic

Fee-Demo is Un-Democratic


The Recreation Fee Demonstration Program, commonly know as Fee-Demo, is Un-Democratic, exclusionary, discriminatory and some would say, "just plain Un-American".

Fee-Demo is Un-Democratic because it denies all citizens equal access to enjoy their public lands. Fee-Demo is exclusionary because lower income citizens SPECIFICALLY can not afford such basic rights as the freedom to walk in a forest which they, as citizens, own. Fee-Demo is discriminatory because it creates access barriers only for those persons who are unable, or unwilling to pay a separate user-fee in addition to the taxes they've already paid. And Fee-Demo is Un-American because it violates this nation's long held tradition of free access to wild nature.

In 1996, Fee-Demo was introduced as what Congress intended to be a three year experiment. In 2002, the experiment drags on as Congress continues to give federal managers further time in which to try and turn recreation and tourism into revenue generators while turning YOU and ME into paying customers.

After six long and increasingly contentious years, you'd think Congress would have heard the cries of the American people and acknowledged Fee-Demo to be a dismal failure rejected by 237 organizations and countless millions of citizens. Unfortunately Congress has, so far, failed to hear the people and has failed to act accordingly.

For these reasons June 15th, 2002 has been declared a National Day of Action to protest Fee-Demo and to urge Congress to restore adequate funding to maintain appropriate levels of recreational infrastructure on, and provide adequate protection of, America's public lands. We urge you to actively participate in the process of shaping the future for recreation on our nation's public lands.


National Day of Action

(Explains why the June 15, 2002 National Day of Action is necessary and why your participation in this event is so critically important.)


Wilderness Gate Open
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This section will be updated frequently from now until the Day of Action.
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  • Day of Action Artwork
    (Various protest images can be found here.)

  • Day of Action Songs for Protesters
    (Protest parodies on popular songs.)

  • Download and Print - A Bi-Fold Formatted Day of Action Pamphlet
    (Here is a bi-fold pamphlet created in Microsoft WORD for you to use or modify as best suits your needs. It can be used as an informational hand-out associated with the 2002 Day of Action.)

  • Download and Customize - A Fill-in-the-Blanks Day of Action Pamphlet
    (Here is a bi-fold pamphlet created in Microsoft WORD for you to modify as best suits your needs. Once customized, it can be used as an informational hand-out associated with your 2002 Day of Action protest.)

  • Download and Print - A Tri-Fold Formatted Day of Action Pamphlet
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  • Download and Print - Double-Sided Handout
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  • Download and Print - Day of Action Flier
    (Here is a single-sided flier in Microsoft WORD format for you to use, or modify as best suits you needs. It is intended to attraction attention to, and participation in, 2002 Day of Action events.)
    (Provided on this page are several cartoons and graphics that you might wish to use in the creation of your own Day of Action fliers and informational handouts.)

  • Link to the first Fee-Demo Day of Action
    (On Aug. 14, 1999 people gathered to protest recreation user fees in 31 states in 9 states. This is the information we provided to help local protest organizers promote their events.)


    List of Scheduled Protests:

    The following is a partial listing of protests currently scheduled for June 15, 2002. Additional protests are still in the planning phase and information will be posted here as it becomes available. Numerous smaller protests will also take place as individuals and small groups of friends take this opportunity to express their personal opposition to the recreation fee demonstration program.

    For additional information contact:

  • Overall Day of Action Coordinator
    Scott Silver, Wild Wilderness, (541) 385-5261

  • California and Colorado Coordinator
    Michael Zierhut, Free Our Forests, (805) 640-1864

  • Arizona, Mid-West and Eastern States Coordinator
    Dave Sherman, Arizona No Fee Coalition, (520) 773-1064

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    Terry Shrunk Plaza - Portland, Oregon

    Terry Shrunk Plaza, 11am to 1pm, S.W. 3rd and Madison St.

    A peaceful rally will be held in the N.E. amphitheater of this beautiful downtown park to voice our the collective dissatisfaction for the controversial Fee Demo program, its' widening implications, and bankrupt philosophy.

    Participants from across the outdoor spectrum will gather to hear Scott Silver of Wild Wilderness, Phillip Johnson of Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, as well as special guests. Accompanying this will be music by local hit group "Old Friends". A table will provide the latest information on this issue and signs will be available for people to freely express themselves.

    Terry Shrunk Plaza is the block between city hall to the west and the Edith Green Federal Building to the east. Parking is available around Lownsdale Square adjoining to the north or at Smart Park @ S.W. 4th and Yamhill.

    For more information contact Steve Gerould @ 503.221.7253

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    Libbey Park - Ojai, California

    A rally in support of open access to public lands for all and in protest of the Adventure Pass will be staged at Libbey Park in downtown Ojai from 10 AM until 2 PM. Join the rally and bring a sign, your friends and some water. We will pass out fliers and bumper stickers, write letters, raise our voices in support of open access, and have fun. There will also be letter writing, so come by and let your elected officials know your why you want to continue our 100 year tradition of open access to public lands free of commercialized interests. At noon we'll sing a rousing chorus of "This Land is Your Land," led by a local musician. Soft drinks will be provided.

    For more information, contact Heidi Mauer at 805-649-9012 or Michael Zierhut at zierhutm@ojai.net or Keep the Sespe Wild at 805-921-0618.

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    Ortega Hwy - San Juan Capistrano, California

    The protest event will be located on the Ortega Hwy (Hwy 74), approximately 1.5 miles west of El Carriso Village. There is a wide area along side the Hwy with parking on both sides of the road, and FS Adventure Pass signs posted. Please come for a day of protest and fun. Please bring signs with your own personal logo opposing the Fee Demo Program. Please do not bring any Adventure Passes. The protest will begin at 10am and last until noon or 2pm so bring water and something to snack on. We are tying to get on the news and in the newspapers, so be colorful if at all possible!

    The Ortega Hwy (74) can be reached by either the 5 Frwy in San Juan Capistrano, or the 15 Frwy in Lake Elsinore. If you need directions or more info, please contact me at 949-455-0032, eteamer@hotmail.com.

    And thanks in advance for your help!

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    Union Square - San Francisco, California

    The Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter Invites Bay Area Citizens to Join the 2002 National Day of Action To stop Fee Demo and promote the democratic management of America's public lands. A day to demonstrate support for the century-old American legacy of access to lands unadulterated by commercial interests.


    What to expect: We will gather adjacent to the Disney Store at Powell and Post Streets next to Union Square in San Francisco. A mock "sidewalk demonstration fee" collection booth will be erected, and we will pass out flyers to passersby, chant, and sing songs. Protest signs will be provided, but you are encouraged to create your own. The protest will begin promptly at noon, so don't be late!

    For further information or to volunteer to help coordinate the day of action, please contact Jeff Kane at 510.595.3483 or roadless@pacbell.net.

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    Echo Lake - nr. Mt. Evans, Colorado

    The Mount Evans Fee Demonstration National Day of Protest will take place on June 15 at the entrance to Mount Evans. For media purposes, the protest rally will begin around 10 a.m.

    Protesters should gather at approximately 8 to 9 a.m. at Echo Lake. Echo Lake is located approximately 20 miles above Idaho Springs at the junction of Colorado state highway 103 and 5. Park below the junction at Echo Lake. Please do not park at the Echo Lake Lodge near the highway junction. Get there early as weekends are busy. To those of you who can, please RSVP.

    We will fan out in single file along the road side between Echo Lake and the Mount Evans Fee Station, carrying signs and handing out leaflets to those who want them. Depending on the number of protesters, we may conduct a march from below Echo Lake to the Fee Station along the shoulder of the road. We have permission from the Clear Creek County Sheriff to engage in these peaceful activities.

    Please stay off the highway lanes and do not impede traffic or interfere with the operation of the fee station. We are here to demonstrate, not engage in civil disobedience. We will not protest in the fee area above the station, but remain below it. We should have permission to use Echo Lake Park (Denver City and County) as a staging area, but for the most part will confine our activities to the road side. This will gain the most visibility for the protest.

    The elevation is 10,000 feet. Bring water and adequate clothing (jacket, rain gear, etc.) as well as sunscreen, hats, and food. Bring a sign if possible. There are restroom facilities at Echo Lake and a Forest Service Campground.

    To assist or RSVP contact: John Spengler jspengl@d20.co.edu or Bill Benson rockymountaincoalition@juno.com

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    Lincoln Woods Trailhead - Lincoln, New Hampshire

    There will be a rally to protest the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program (and any future replacements for this ill-conceived program) starting at 10 a.m. on June 15, 2002 at the Lincoln Woods trailhead parking lot, just off the Kancamagus Highway a few minutes drive east of Lincoln, NH.

    Effigies representing recreation user fees and the corporate takeover of nature will be placed in a mock coffin. A large group of protesters will then hammer the lid tightly onto the coffin, symbolizing the theme:


    Also in the coffin will be placed a copy of the text of the current fee-demo law -- language which subverts, in a few anonymously-written paragraphs, a century of carefully-crafted laws governing public lands use. A mock "public-lands passport" will also go into the coffin -- representing any future attempts to make forest fees seem more palatable to the public. Explanatory verbal commentary will accompany the entire process.

    Hand-held signs will back the coffin-nailing, as well as 4 huge paper mache hammers representing the 4 anti-forest-fee resolutions passed overwhelmingly by state legislatures in CA, OR, NH, and CO. Abundant literature will also be available describing the forest-fee program.

    For more information please contact: John Joline, New England Public Forest Advocates, 802-649-3021, email: jfj@dartmouth.edu.

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    State Capitol - Salt Lake City, Utah

    The demonstration for Salt Lake City, Utah will be held June 15th, on the steps of the Utah State Capitol. The protest will begin around 10:00am and will last 2 - 3 hours. Demonstrators will be handing out information and listening to several speakers, covering different aspects of Fee Demo and the problems associated with it. Bring your signs and be ready for some fun!

    For more information, contact:
    The Utah Environmental Congress, (801) 466-4055, uec@aros.net.

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    Riverfront Park - Spokane, Washington

    Trail Fee demonstrators should start gathering near the metal sculptures of the runners (near the Carousel) at 9:00 a.m. We will have a table set up with handouts and information explaining our cause. We will try to have some sign making materials but demonstrators are encouraged to bring their own hand held signs. If enough people show up we will march 3 or 4 blocks to the Federal Building that houses the regional National Forest Offices.

    Protesters should bring their own food and water, in a pack they can keep an eye on or wear. People should dress according to the weather as we will be outside and shelter may be some distance away. Public bathrooms are nearby.

    Our goal will be to educate as many people about the situation as possible while holding a peaceful demonstration. We will seek media coverage and exposure during our demonstration. Handouts will be available to those who wish to take some and mix with the typical crowds on weekends.

    Any and all help is welcome. Please contact Paul Schenkenberger for the latest updates or offers for attendance or assistance at: pschenkenberger@mgear.com.

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    Downtown - Medford, Oregon

    Downtown Medford, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., near the Library and Alba Park.

    All who oppose Fee Demo are welcome. Signs will not be provided so construct your own. It is important to encourage bipartisan (Liberal-Conservative) attendance so please prepare your signs with that in mind. This will also help to encourage local media coverage that will be effective in defeating Fee Demo. The 'Demonstration' will be held until 6:00p.m. and all who attend should dress according to the weather that day. Please bring plenty of water and food for yourselves as none will be provided. Restrooms are close by, and so are restaurants for those who wish to dine after the demonstration. Pamphlets will be provided for you to hand out. Have fun, and remember you all are making a significant impact. Carpe' Diem (Seize the day!)

    For more information contact: Christopher Horton chortonflash@msn.com.

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    Farmer's Market - Moscow, Idaho

    Come to the Farmer's Market in Moscow, ID Saturday, from 8 to noon, and voice your opposition to the Fee Demonstration Program that would commercialize our public national forests and other wildlands. Come and learn about this ill-advised program and what you can do to help. Sign a giant postcard to either Rep. Otter (ID) or Rep. Nethercutt (WA), see some displays, have fun, and gather some information. Your voice is needed and welcome.

    For more information contact Friends of the Clearwater, PO Box 9241, Moscow, ID 83843, foc@wildrockies.org.

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    USFS Supervisor's Office - Bend, Oregon

    The Forest Service, in partnership with the Corporate Recreation Industry, is now marketing PUBLIC LANDS ACCESS as a commodity available only to those willing and able to pay. Citizens who believe they are owners - not customers - of Public Lands must voice their opposition to this UN-DEMOCRATIC land management practice.

    Meet at the Supervisor's Office of the Deschutes Pay-Per-View National Forest, located on HWY 20, near Pilot Butte, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on June 15th.

    Your participation is needed to Keep Public Lands Free of Corporate Greed. Hand-held signs will be available. Bring family and friends!

    Contact Dale Neubauer @ 541-388-7335

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    Farmers' market - Montpelier, Vermont

    Vermont fee-demo opponents will converge for the June 15 nationwide day of action at the Montpelier farmers' market from 9 am-1 pm for theatric education and information distribution. *We will educate our fellow Vermonters to ensure that the Green Mountains REMAIN fee-free.

    Contacts: Kristin Ruether: 802-763-8339, kruether@vermontlaw.edu or Moira Mulligan: (802) 864-3055.

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    Clear Creek Information Station - Los Angeles, California

    This protest will be held at the U.S. Forest Service Clear Creek Information Station, about six miles north of Foothill Boulevard on California State Highway 2 in the Angeles National Forest.

    We will meet at the La Caņada rideshare meeting place on Highway 2, just north of Foothill Freeway (I-210), at 8am. We will set up a table at Clear Creek, pass out fliers and place signs asking forest users for their help in ending this onerous program by contacting their congressional representatives and senators.

    Contact Gary Embrey at (310) 675-8807 or teechur@earthlin.net for more information.

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    Oso Recreation Area - Santa Barbara, California

    Santa Barbara's Day of Action will be held at Oso Recreation Area on Paradise Road from 10 am to 2 pm (at the first river crossing). Paradise Road is a right turn off Highway 154 10 miles north of Route 101 in Santa Barbara. Site is six miles further.

    Lois Capp's office will attend, if not her, to give the update on Washington progress . A range of visually stimulating and creative activities are being planned which will include ripe tomatoes and Smokey the Bear. (We blush to contemplate the possible combinations). All are urged to come and define themselves and their messages about Fee Demo in new and stimulating ways which might have popular and media acceptance.

    Contact Ed Easton at 805-967-1113 or edeaston@west.net for more information.

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    Downtown REI Store - Seattle, Washington

    Where: The downtown REI store (Yale Ave N. and John Street) - Seattle, WA
    When: 11 a.m to 1 p.m. Saturday, June 15.

    Please join us for a protest outside the main REI store. We'll meet at the corner of Yale Ave. N. and John Street and spread out around the the perimeter of the store. We chose REI because it houses the federal information center for Park Service and Forest Service and it draws hundreds of outdoor people to shop there, but our protest is not directed against REI in any way. Since we do not have permission to set up a table on REI's property, we will leaflet and carry signs and balloons on the public sidewalks outside the store. Bring signs and we will provide some signs, helium balloons, and lots of literature. We have two goals: to inform the public directly about the problems with paying to use our own national lands, and to get media coverage. Using the flagship REI store as a location should help us meet both goals.

    For more information, contact Susan Helf at (206) 782-1836. Email: shelf1@earthlink.net

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    Mary's Peak - nr. Corvallis, Oregon

    Starting at 8:00 and running through the early afternoon on June 15th, vocal opponents to the fee demonstration program will make their presence felt at one of the Willamette Valley's most popular federal playground: Mary's Peak, in the Siuslaw National Forest.

    John Borowski and his daughters are going to have banners, posters and hand out information at the bottom entrance to Mary's Peak (Route 34 west, outside of Corvallis). Off I-5 take Route 20 west through Corvallis and Philomath, go west on Route 34 (signs to Alsea/Waldport), this left turn occurs at the corner of the Georgia-Pacific mill in Philomath. Mary's Peak is a popular site for local residents ranging from Corvallis to Newport.

    Bring your lawn chair, lunch and help us educate our fellow citizens about this dishonest fee program that caters to the whims of corporate America, especially members of the American Wreckreation Coalition. John Borowski can be contacted at jenjill@proaxis.com or 541-929-5224. We need to show federal officials our vehement opposition to this fee program and our dedication to ending extraction and exploitation of our public treasures: our tax-funded public lands.

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    Kalama Horse Camp - nr. Cougar, Washington

    Come ride your horse with us and voice your opinion on the Fee Demo Program! We will be recognized by our red, white, and blue colors and our signs. We will ride out at 10 AM and return about 4PM. If you can't make the ride, come for a potluck dinner at 6:30 PM. Join us around the campfire in the evening!

    Directions to Kalama Horse Camp: Take the Woodland Exit from I-5. Follow the signs to Hwy 503 (to Cougar). Follow 503 through Cougar. Turn left onto paved highway (Forest Road 8100). Drive 8 miles past Merrill Lake and Merril Lake Campground. About 3 miles past the campground at intersection, make a SHARP RIGHT staying on FR 8100. The camp entrance is the next road to the right, about 200 yards.

    For additional information contact Karen: 360-273-8075, KJRJATPRAIRIERIM@aol.com

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    Colorado River - Lee's Ferry, Arizona

    River activists will be gathering at Lee's Ferry, on the Colorado River in Arizona, launch site for Grand Canyon river trips, Friday evening June 14 - Saturday evening June 15. This will be the launch of River Runners for Wilderness, a new movement committed to wilderness river corridors within the Colorado River Watershed. They will be protesting the inequitable distribution of permits for those wishing to float through Grand Canyon--80 percent for commercial outfitters/20 percent for the general public; the exorbitant fees charged for private trips--over $100 per person: the increasing fees for access elsewhere in the watershed including the San Juan and Green Rivers; the loss of access caused by sediment building up on the Colorado River and San Juan River arms entering Lake Powell reservoir, and the need to eliminate the use of motors through our wilderness and wilderness caliber rivers.

    Representatives from Living Rivers, Friends of the Earth, the Sierra Club, International Rivers Network and others will join former park service employees and long time river activist in a rally, outreach activities, a float trip from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee's Ferry and evening cook outs with music and dance. This event is part of a five-day road show "Sediment-al Journey" to draw attention to the declining health of the Grand Canyon ecosystem caused by the Bureau of Reclamation's Dams at Glen Canyon and Black Canyon (Hoover). BuRec will be celebrating its 100th Birthday at Hoover Dam June 17, 2002. For details visit www.livingrivers.org

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    The Sedona "Y" - nr. Sedona, Arizona

    A peaceful rally will be held on Saturday, June 15th starting at 1 pm to celebrate the proud American tradition of free access to public lands unmolested by commercial development.

    We will rally at the "Y" for two hours, as that is the most visible spot in town, before walking to the FS station for photo ops. This is about a 1/4 mile walk, each way. Street theatre is encouraged, and will include at least one skit so far. Other fun activities are also in the works. Bring water, sunscreen, a sunhat and sunglasses - it'll be hot. A light snack is not a bad idea either.

    The Sedona "Y," is located at the junction of 179 and 89A. Nearest parking is just west of the junction, in the post office lot (on the north side of the road). However, parking is extremely limited, and we encourage folks to carpool. For carpool info from Flagstaff, AZ contact Carly Long at (928) 774-9432 or earthhug@yahoo.com. com.

    For more information contact Jon Orlando at j3ono@yahoo.com or (928) 213-9507, or check out www.aznofee.orgwww.aznofee.org.

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    South Jetty Rd. - nr. Florence, Oregon

    A coastal protest is being organized by Rob Maris of the Oregon Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Beginning at 10 a.m. on June 15, volunteers will hand out literature at the entrance booth on South Jetty Rd. The demonstration will run until 2 or 3 p.m., depending on the supply and enthusiasm of volunteers. Speakers have yet to be arranged. For information, or to help organize and publicize the event, contact Maris at robertmaris@hotmail.com, (541) 485-4917

    More to come!

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    Rumney Rocks, New Hampshire

    A protest against the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program will occur at Rumney Rocks (NH) USFS parking lot on June 15 from 4 - 7 pm.

    Activists will be on hand to discuss why the fee program is such a terrible idea. Abundant literature will be made available to the public thoroughly documenting why this controversial program should be abolished -- including copies of the NH State Legislature's Senate/House resolution calling for the abolition of fee-demo nationwide.

    For details, contact: Kristin Dolcemocola, Concord, NH   (207)-831-5164

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    Santa Rita Park - Durango, Colorado

    Rally for public lands and Toilet Paper Drive
    9am to Noon TP Drop-off and mailing
    10am Rally and Speakers
    Santa Rita Park, Camino Del Rio and Gateway Drive

    Speakers : Rep. Kay Alexander, House Sponsor of Colorado's anti-Fee Demo Resolution and Senator Jim Isgar, Senate Sponsor.

    TP Drive: Congress budgets millions to build fancy toilets but only pennies to buy toilet paper and manage public lands. Fee Demo is expected to make up the difference! Show Congress that you support restoring funds to public land agencies so they can do the job! Without access fees! We're mailing rolls of TP to Rep Jim Hansen, Chair of the House Resources Committee and a big supporter of Fee Demo, to make our statement. We will have letters or stickers for you to use, or copy the above and make your own statement. Fold paper so it can be taped around a whole or half roll, with Hansen's and your return address visible. It's ok with the P.O. so send to:

    Rep. James Hansen
    Chair, House Resources Committee
    324 25th Street #1017
    Ogden, Utah 84401

    For additional info, contact: Western Slope No-Fee Coalition, Jan Holt jholt@durangolive.net, 970-382-8840

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    Yosemite National Park - Yosemite Valley, California

    WHEN AND WHERE: June 15, 2002, 11 am - 4 pm in Yosemite Valley in front of the Yosemite Visitor Center on "the mall" in the "free speech area."

    WHY: "Yosemite should be a Nature Center not a Profit Center."     (quote: David Brower, 2000)

    It's now $20 to enter the Park, up from a previous $5. $1.3 million Fee Demo $$$$ are contributing to the overblown and destructive Lower Yosemite Falls Project, masquerading as "restoration." Digging, drilling and paving will start in June without your help. The Fee Demo program is further developing and commercializing the Park and will shut out the average family. Join us in handing out informational flyers and protesting this discriminatory program.

    CONTACT: Joyce Eden, Friends of Yosemite Valley, 408 973 1085 or Sunny Sorensen, Public Lands Coalition, 209-796-9525 for entrance, car pooling, and parking info. Refreshments provided.

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    Holcomb Valley Freedom Ride - Big Bear, California

    Concerning the Big Bear event, looks like we will have a "Freedom Ride" through the Holcomb Valley area of the forest during which we will be distributing fliers and other handouts to campers, hikers, miners, ohvrs and other Forest users. We will also have hopefully a literature and petition stand set up at the Discovery Center for people to sign their opinions. More info will be available soon!

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    Cleveland National Forest - San Diego, California

    Please join a cross-section of San Diegians from environmentalist to off-road vehicle enthusiasts who are united in declaring our opposition to the commercialization of our public lands. We will be supporting the century-old American legacy of access to lands unadulterated by commercial interests.

    Signs will not be provided so construct your own. It is important to encourage bipartisan (Liberal-Conservative) attendance so please prepare your signs with that in mind. This will also help to encourage local media coverage that will be effective in defeating Fee Demo. Show Congress that you support restoring funds to public land agencies so they can do the job!

    What to expect: We will gather at 11 AM at the Park-N-Ride lot at the intersection of Highway 79 and Interstate 8 near Descanso in the Cleveland National Forest. We will have music, drums, singing, and information on Fee Demo. We will help people write letters to their elected officials opposing Fee Demo. Then we will visit the Historic Ellis Ranch property preserved and paid for by local activists and donated to the Cleveland National Forest. This area is one of the main entrances to the forest.

    There will be a teach in and planning session on June 8 from 2 PM to 4 PM at Collier Park, 4401 Palm Avenue, La Mesa -- just east of the Spring Street Trolley Station which is located at Spring Street & Palm Avenue. Please contact Karin Zirk at 858-581-3510 or kzirk@earthlink.net for information on the teach-in or for general information on the event.

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    Farmers' Market - Twisp, Washington

    Free the Forests of Twisp, Washington, will be conducting our 3rd annual National Day of Action protest in Twisp, Washington, on June 15.

    Please join us at Twisp Farmers' Market at the totem pole at 12:00, right after the official end of market. We plan to start our parade at 12:30, marching through Twisp and ending at the Forest Service's Twisp compound. Along the way we stop to chant. Bring your own sign or pick one up at the protest. We find the best are made of foam board, screwed to a piece of wood, and marked with permanent marker. We are a diverse and determined crew and had about 50 participants at the last demonstration, including the mayor (who wheeled our petition of 18,000 signatures down the street in a wheelbarrow.) Various types of "musical" instruments, puppets, and costumes can be used - and all ages are welcome. We have everyone from infants to the elderly in our parades, and all have a great time. The drummers usually ride in one of the pickups.

    At the F. S. compound we will demonstrate with signs and drumming until we want to quit. Fee Demo information will be available there also, and we have lots of beeps and waves from passers-by. Hope to see you!!

    For additional information contact: Lorah lorah@nwi.net 425-308-3851, Isabelle coldmtn@methow.com or Pearl at (509) 997-2289.

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    Court House Square - Prescott, Arizona

    The demonstration will be at the Court House Square in downtown Prescott. We will meet at the south end of the square (near the post office) and proceed to walk around the square. We will be handing out literature and speaking with anybody who wants to listen. We will not interfer with any other activites going on in the square. The protest will begin around 12:00 noon and will last untill 2:00pm.

    Signs will be provided for the first 20 people. Feel free to bring your own signs. The local newspaper may provide coverage so come get your picture in the paper!

    For additional information contact: Dan Stih (Healthy Living Spaces) dstih@commspeed.net (928) 776-7988.

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    Downtown - Idyllwild, California

    The demonstration will be at the monument in the center of Idyllwild from 10:30 until 11:30 AM. Bring a sign. A pot-luck/ barbecue will follow.

    For more information call Lois Mitchell at (909) 659-3114.

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    In Front of Library - Santa Maria, California

    The June 15th national day of protest in Santa Maria will be held on the grass in front of the library on Broadway. Cook St. is the nearest cross street.

    There are about 10 signs available, so bring one if you can. The protest will be from 11:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M. If any volunteers are willing to come a little early to help me set up please call Greg Kappos at (805) 733-1818 or (805) 570-7895. There will be sign up sheets for people to get involved or to just receive action alerts. We will be collecting money for the legal fund as well. I will bring some food and drinks up to the limit of my wallet. So please join in and we may have a fun gathering for pizza or whatever after if there is enough interest. See you there, Greg

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    Free Speech Plaza - Eugene, Oregon

    Please join people from the Eugene / Springfield area in protesting the Forest Service Demo Fee program on Saturday, June 15th. We will gather from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM at Free Speech Plaza, in front of the Federal Building on Pearl & 8th Street.

    The demonstration will include raising awareness of people attending the Saturday Market and others passing by, waving signs and banners, providing information and singing. (Bring a guitar if you'd like to play.) People will be encouraged to sign a giant card with their personal thoughts on the Demo Fee program. At the end of the day this card will be delivered to ???? (Tell us who you believe needs to pay better attention to what the public is saying !!!)

    Anyone who would like to meet before-hand to make signs and share information is invited to a sign making party Thursday June 13th from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Call Juli, 461-0408 for directions.