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Fees for Vandals
Written by Scott Silver   
Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Pasted below is an article from Idaho with a twist.

A popular walking area has repeatedly been vandalized in the night.

As a result, the Forest Service is thinking about charging walkers who use the area in the day.

Would that be a "user-fee"?

Would charging such a fee solve the problem?


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 October 2007 )
Harry Reid - Doing his best for the bad guys
Written by Scott Silver   
Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The confirmation of President Bush's nomination of Lyle Laverty to the top recreation/tourism policy-administration slot within the Department of Interior is being blocked by Oregon's Senator Ron Wyden. Pushing for Laverty's confirmation are a plethora of wise-use and pro-motorized organizations such as Americans for Responsible Recreation and the American Recreation Coalition. Here, for example, is a quote from ARRA's September Newsletter.

"Let's hope that come September, Senator Wyden, who has concerns about the Endangered Species Act, will decide to remove Mr. Laverty's name from the endangered nomination list and permit the Senate to proceed with a vote on the Laverty nomination."

In addition to these anti-parks, pro-wreckreation groups, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has, in a big way, gone to bat for the President's top draft choice. Last Thursday, on the Senate Floor Reid said:

"[Laverty's confirmation has] not been cleared on the Republican side, but I am sure that is not standing in the way. I think standing in the way is one of my Senators. We are doing our best."

 Reid's truly remarkable statement appears below. With friends like this...


Laverty Nomination Still in Play
Written by Scott Silver   
Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Senator Wayne Allard's (R-CO) office apparently jumped the gun.

On October 5th, Allard's staff reportedly told the Associated Press that Lyle Laverty had been confirmed as the new Assistant Interior Secretary for Fish Wildlife and Parks (see original article below).

Sources now tell me that the AP article was incorrect. Senator Ron Wyden's (D-OR) hold upon the Laverty confirmation remains in place!  However, it now appears that the motorized recreation industry-led effort to push through the nomination of their pal, Lyle Laverty, is gaining traction and that Allard's staff may simply have spoken a little too soon.

As I have been saying, the confirmation of Laverty would be a disaster for the National Park system and for everyone who enjoys low-impact, minimally developed, recreational opportunities on public lands managed by the Department of Interior.

The good news is that Laverty has NOT yet been confirmed. The bad news is that interest groups unfriendly to the environment are aggressively pushing for his confirmation while there does not appear to be an equal and opposite force being by conservation-minded organizations.

I hope that I wasn't merely jumping the gun myself when I recently reported "Laverty Confirmed - Let the Disaster Unfurl".

I hope that the conservation community will join me in using this opportunity to prevent the unfurling of what surely would be a disastrous appointment, if confirmed by the U.S. Senate.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 October 2007 )
A Gap in the Park System
Written by Scott Silver   
Tuesday, 09 October 2007

San Francisco's Presidio was conceived as America's privatized National Park and with each passing year as the Presidio strives to become financially self-supporting as required by its authoring legislation, it becomes increasingly commercial and less like a genuine National Park. It become more like the National Park System President Ronald Reagan envisioned when, in 1982, he set about to cut federal National Park funding to zero and to replace public funding with commercialization and user fees.

The Walt Disney Family Museum has recently broken ground within the Presidio National Park. It will pay homage to like and creations of Mr. Walt Disney.

The Gap Inc. would like to follow suit. Don Fisher, the multi-billionaire founder of San Francisco-based Gap, Inc., wants to build a 100,000 square foot museum for his personal art collection in the Presidio National Park.

The comment period for this proposal ends on Monday, October 15th. Details appear below.


Laverty Confirmed -- Let the Disaster Unfurl
Written by Scott Silver   
Saturday, 06 October 2007

On September 11th of this year,  the American Recreation Coalition and several it's member organizations met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV);  their long-time, and very close friend, Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN);  Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne and a number of key Congressmen. They met for the purpose of pressing their agenda — that being the commercialization, privatization and motorization of recreational opportunities upon our nation's public lands and most especially upon America's National Parks. A summary of this important meeting can be read here and several additional position papers can be downloaded from that webpage.

One focus area of that 9/11 meeting was to expedite the confirmation of their good friend, and champion of industrial wreckreation/tourism,  Lyle Laverty to the position of Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and Parks. In that position Laverty could be counted upon to do the ARC's bidding and to implement recreation and tourism policy that would further transform National Parks into more perfect imitations of Disneyfied themeparks — complete with an increased variety of motorized attractions and commercially-provided amusement gadgetry.

For the wreckreation industry, however, there was a problem. Laverty's confirmation was being blocked by Senator Ron Wyden, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests. Wyden had placed a "hold" upon Laverty's confirmation. Amongst other things, Senator Wyden was troubled with a number of ethical issues involving Laverty.

The ARC was did not share Senator Wyden's concerns. In fact, the failure of the Senate to confirm THEIR man was intolerable -- so they took the matter directly with Senate Majority leader Reed and asked for his help.

Pasted below is the position paper on Laverty's confirmation developed by the ARC and dated September 10th. The next day the ARC met with Senator Reed and key officials. Today the Associated Press announced the confirmation of Lyle Laverty to the position of Assistant Secretary.

To learn more about the harm that can now be expected, click here and here.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 October 2007 )
Get Fired Up
Written by Guest: Kitty Benzar   
Friday, 05 October 2007

Following is an important column that appeared in the Seattle Times on October 4, 2007 about entrance fee increases in National Parks. We have been sounding the alarm about these ever since we learned that 95% of NPS units that charge entrance fees will increase them, some by doubling or even tripling, between 2006 and 2009. At 19 NPS units, entrance fees will increase more than once during that period. Beginning in 2011 the NPS plans to increase entrance fees every 3 years based on the Consumer Price Index.

This approach to managing National Parks on a for-profit business model is very worrisome to many Americans, and to many members of Congress as well. The NPS has been getting significant resistance in some areas, enough that they have put planned increases on hold in a few Parks.

These increases are not being announced at the national level, only locally by each individual Park, Monument, or Historic Site. Comment periods are very short and often not very well publicized. Please check with the NPS units near you, or the ones you enjoy visiting, and find out what their plans are. A spreadsheet showing all planned increases through 2009 is available from the WSNFC on request. Then comment to the NPS and send copies of your comments to your elected officials in the U.S. House and Senate and ask them to intervene. Opposition from local governments and Chambers of Commerce has also been proving to be effective in stopping (temporarily) some planned increases.

Your efforts can help keep OUR National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites accessible to all Americans!

Kitty Benzar, President WSNFC
P.O. Box 135 Durango CO 81302

Last Updated ( Friday, 05 October 2007 )
Outdoor Recreation Outlook 2008
Written by Scott Silver   
Thursday, 04 October 2007

The Travel Industry Association will hold it 2007 Marketing Outlook Forum beginning on October 22nd

The event is a very big deal – a big deal that has significant impacts upon policies directly affecting outdoor recreation upon, and visitation to, our nation's public lands. If past conferences serve as a guide, this conference will likely be attended by senior level land managers representing the National Park Service and other federal and state agencies.

Derrick Crandall, President of the American Recreation Coalition has prepared a special report for this conference. It makes very interesting reading.  Here are the introductory paragraphs:

   Outdoor recreation is a large and varied force in the leisure choices of the American public. Generating at least $300 billion in estimated annual spending, outdoor recreation is shaped by America’s public lands and waters – covering one-third of the surface of the nation. The outdoor recreation industry is dominated by small, responsive businesses providing a large variety of recreation products and services, ranging from campsites to marinas, from fishing guide services to whitewater rafting.

  In general, recreation spending has climbed more rapidly than the CPI and most other core economic measures for a generation, although participation in specific outdoor recreation activities has been more mixed. Traditionally, participation has been influenced short term by weather and the economy, but longer trends – including an aging population and growth in the proportion of minority populations – have also shaped participation.

  The following information provides an overview of key recent trends and expectations...

Those interested in the fate of outdoor recreation as predicted by the wise use group that calls the tunes to which land managers dance might find the entire document of value. It can be found here.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 04 October 2007 )
GREEN PR - An Alert
Written by Scott Silver   
Saturday, 29 September 2007

Yesterday the PR giant GolinHarris announced the creation of a new public relations campaign called "Green". To read their announcements you might believe that this is a pro-environmental effort. It is a fraud and it involves the US Forest Service by way of their intimate partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF).

I have, for good reasons, long been a critic of the NFF. NFF's founding President is Derrick Crandall -- founding President of the wise-use, anti-environmental American Recreation Coalition.

I have written scathing critiques about NFF for more than a decade. Dozens of those critiques can be read on the Wild Wilderness website.  Here's a link to a good overview written by one of Wild Wilderness' board members .

Unfortunately in spite of our best efforts, the influence of the National Forest Foundation has grown during this period. NFF's funding of conservation groups  has all but guaranteed that few in this community will speak poorly of them.  Some will even come to NFF's defense and will chastise me for attacking their funder(s). Those who defend the NFF are wrong to do so and they do harm to our shared goals.

Pasted below are links to, and snippets from, yesterday's news release. Below those are links to, and snippets from, three articles that expose the true nature of GolinHarris and its PR campaigns. Many more such articles can be found online.

In 1995, Joel Bleifuss wrote a most important article that was published in PR Watch and titled "Covering the Earth with Green PR."  It began with these words:

"As the 25th anniversary of Earth Day dawns, the public relations industry is quietly advising its corporate clients to keep from gloating."

Bleifuss went on the discuss, amongst other things,  the DOW corporation and how it was using PR to hide its many sins. DOW, along with NFF,  is one of the founding clients GolinHarris' "Green". Here's what Bleifuss had to say:

Dow Chemical's environmental PR campaign began in 1984 with the goal of making "Dow a more highly regarded company among the people who can influence its future." Dow's reputation was still suffering from its manufacture of napalm bombs and Agent Orange defoliants that devastated much of Vietnam...
"Many people use [Dow] as an example of doing the right thing. There is hardly a discussion of pollution control and prevention among American industries that fails to highlight Dow and the strides it has made," writes Jenni Laidman in the Bay City Times of Saginaw, MI. Laidman notes that Dow garners all this praise even though the company "is still a leading polluter in the state and the nation. . . . fish caught downstream from Midland [Dow's home base in Michigan] remain inedible, according to state fish advisories."

Why do we in the conservation community permit the wool to be pulled over our heads?

How can any of us support organizations that work to destroy the planet and steal our democracy?

Who will join me in denouncing this newest PR GREEN-SCAM?


Last Updated ( Saturday, 29 September 2007 )
The Value of a "Longstanding Partnership"
Written by Scott Silver   
Wednesday, 26 September 2007

You and I and our fellow taxpaying citizens are looked upon as being merely "customers" by the leadership of the National Park Service. By way of contrast, industry groups such as the National Tour Association (NTA), are recognized to be "partners". The difference is starkly depicted in what I'm about to share.

NTA is, or so their lobbyist Jim Santini stated when testifying before the House of Representatives in support of increasing National Park entrance fees and in  support of the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program, "a Lexington, Kentucky-based international package travel association of 627 companies." NTA is also a member of the American Recreation Coalition. You can read his testimony here.

And if you scroll up that page, you can read the testimony of the ARC's President, Derrick Crandall.

Today in an industry publication we learned that while National Park entrance fees for the public have risen dramatically and will continue to increase,  entrance fees charged to NTA members have not gone up. In fact, those low fees are now guaranteed not to increase for several more years. NTA described their special arrangement in these words:

"The National Tour Association and the National Park Service have been able to ensure that visitors have equal access to the national parks due to a longstanding partnership between the two groups. As a result of recent meetings with  NTA and the park service, there will be no increases in National Park group entry fees until 2010."

That doesn't sound like "equal access" to me.

You can read the entire article below. You can also find below that a posting made by an NTA representative to an NTA electronic bulletin board. The posting is titled "NPS Entrance Fees Impact Consumers, Not Operators" and goes on to tell NTA members that:

"NTA has a longstanding partnership with the Park Service, and has continued to work on behalf of its members on issues related to visitation and fees at these treasured landmarks."

Does this sound like "equal access" to you?


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 September 2007 )
PERC's Vision for Parks and Wilderness
Written by Scott Silver   
Friday, 21 September 2007

The appended article is new from the free-market think-tank PERC. It describes what PERC has always wanted for America's National Park and Wilderness systems. It is what they dream about. It is where PERC's dear friend and former Senior Research Fellow, Gale Norton, might have taken the NPS and Wilderness management if she not been required to resign prematurely.

This is the direction in which the Bush administration is steering the national park system. The President's Centennial Initiative plays heavily into this concept and helps make the dream come alive.

The final two paragraphs of this article set a stage and then request the read imagine some things. Those things are the dreams of PERC and those who share their vision. I suggest that, to one degree or another, those running the Executive Branch and those within the Department of Interior who oversee the park system share this vision and this dream. I suggest that those who unquestioningly and uncritically support the President's Centennial are supporting this vision, whether they know it or not.


Last Updated ( Friday, 21 September 2007 )
Rethinking Recreation
Written by Scott Silver   
Thursday, 20 September 2007

When I created the Wild Wilderness website in 1997, at the top of the home page I placed the following statement

On this website you will discover how conservative Congressmen, cash-strapped land managers, and recreation industry leaders are working cooperatively to create an entirely new land management paradigm. Their efforts are being directed toward maximal "commercialization, privatization and motorization" of our natural heritage. The name best used to describe their vision for the 21st century and beyond is: "Industrial Strength Recreation"

During the next 10 years I wrote and distributed to the Wild Wilderness network some 4000 updates detailing the progress of this Industrial Strength Recreation agenda.

It was never my intention to be a chronicler of the loss of what had once made the National Forests and other public lands so special -- though it often times feels as if that is what I am doing. I was my belief and expectation that through a combination of outreach, activism and education, the Industrial Strength Recreation agenda could be derailed.

Pasted below is an article from today's Oregonian titled "Rethinking Camping."  Its subheading reads "A Forest Service plan could dramatically change Mount Hood's offerings."  It is about the final stages of the implementation of the Industrial Strength Recreation agenda I first described a decade ago and it involves much more than merely rethinking CAMPING -- it involves Rethinking Recreation.

Similar plans have already, or will soon be, being drawn up for each and every one of the 155 national forests in this country. What you will read below affects you no matter where in the USA you live.

I may not be too late -- not if people are willing to stand in the way of this agenda and to turn it back.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 September 2007 )
Request Oversight Hearing
Written by Alasdair Coyne   
Thursday, 20 September 2007

URGENT: Ask Senators to Hold Oversight Hearings on Public Lands Recreation Policy!

It's the end of summer and the US Forest Service is releasing proposals to close thousands of developed recreation sites around the nation - campgrounds, trailheads, picnic areas, boat launches, and swimming sites - to charge new or increased fees at hundreds of others, and to remove facilities, reduce capacity, and shorten seasons at hundreds more.

These changes are outlined in documents known as Recreation Facility Analysis (RFA) Proposed Programs of Work (PPOW).  Each National Forest is producing an RFA -PPOW and the bulk of them - around 140 - are due out in coming weeks.  (For the past few years, these documents were known as RSFMPs.  The name change to RFA is very recent.)

The Western Slope No-Fee Coalition (WSNFC) has carefully gone over the 18 or so RFAs that are so far available to the public, and in just these 18 forests, the agency's proposals over the next five years will:     

  • close 407 campgrounds (17% of sites in these 18 forests);
  • reduce capacity at 464 sites (20% of the total);
  • remove amenities (toilets, tables, trash cans, fire rings) at 243 sites (10% of total);
  • turn 225 sites over to concessionaires or partners (10% of total);
  • implement new fees at 136 sites (6%);
  • and increase fees at 170 sites (7%).

We don't have time to wait until all the RFAs are published to alert Congress to these threats to our publicly-owned recreation sites!  In some cases, the US Forest Service has already gone and removed water systems, toilets, picnic tables, and fire rings, and completely closed campgrounds and other developed recreation sites without ANY public notice at all.

For the WSNFC's June 2007 update report on RFA/RSFMP plans click here.


Last Updated ( Friday, 21 September 2007 )
USFS employees "under the gun to talk the party line"
Written by Scott Silver   
Monday, 17 September 2007

Have a look at these snippets from the appended article about a US Forest Service employee fired for failing stick to the script presented to her by her superiors:

When she described the reduced funding as "a problem," she said, her supervisor told her the talking points should say that "everything is fine out there in the forest, and there is no need for additional funds." She refused and was quickly removed from her public-relations job, Wenstrom claims.

"Local Forest Service officials are really under the gun to talk the party line," [San Bernardino National Forest's former supervisor] Zimmerman said then.

Wherever I look, I see Forest Service people reading from the same few scripts — scripts that are usually disingenuous, if not downright dishonest. On occasion a FS employee will deviate from the script because their integrity requires them to do so. Those who do so risk being punished.

The USFS is rotten to the core. It is being squeezed from above by President Bush, by his Office of Management and Budget, by Undersecretary Mark Rey and by it's top-level executives and managers.  

I empathize with those who would, if they could, do their jobs with integrity and thank those who are courageous.


Last Updated ( Monday, 17 September 2007 )
River Campsite Privatization
Written by Scott Silver   
Monday, 17 September 2007

Privatization and commercialization of the public recreation commons takes many forms -- few of which are being opposed.  Privatization efforts actively supported by land managers and designed to benefit their commercial "partners", generally produce a raw deal for the general recreating public.
Pasted below is a description of one form of river use privatization which has attracted the interest of the Northwest Rafters Association.
Last Updated ( Monday, 17 September 2007 )
Say NO to Laverty
Written by Scott Silver   
Friday, 14 September 2007

The American Recreation Coalition is champing at the bit, desperate to put their man, Lyle Laverty, into the #3 slot within the Department of Interior. If confirmed, Laverty will be the best friend the motorized / commercial recreation community could hope for.
Pasted immediately below is a memo issued days ago by the ARC's President. It was send to the ARC's wise-use members and it provided them with an Action item. I encourage the conservation community to take the OPPOSITE action and to ensure that the President's appointment is not confirmed.
Below that is a recent article from the Rocky Mountain News. From 2001 until 2007, Laverty was the Director of Colorado's state park system. This article from his home state explains how lousy a job he did in that position. It should also make it clear why President Bush and the ARC want this man installed within the Department of Interior.

And if anyone has any doubts about where Laverty stands on motorized recreation in particular, please see this article on the BlueRibbon Coalition's website. The image above is that of Lavery (left) receiving an award from BRC President Jack Welch


Last Updated ( Friday, 14 September 2007 )
Bleeding Parks and the Centennial
Written by Scott Silver   
Thursday, 13 September 2007

The appended message from the National Parks Foundation is all smiles. It's not until you look behind the facade will you see what is so troubling. Please go to the link provided and click around. It will take you but a moment to discover why I am drawing your attention to this upcoming Leadership Summit.

I can barely keep up with the rapidly increasing outpouring of this and similar propaganda. To be honest, I am finding it increasingly difficult to report upon the harm deliberately being done to our National Parks and to continue issuing warnings as I have done for the past decade.  It is, I suppose, like watching one's child bleeding to death with no help in sight and starting to accept what appears increasingly inevitable.

My greatest hope at this 11th hour is that the conservation community will get involved and will somehow manage to keep the President's Centennial Initiative from being passed into law. My hope is that come 2008 we will have for the first time in many years, a genuine opportunity to do right by the parks.

My greatest fear is that the conservation community will not merely stand by and watch the President's intentional destruction of the National Parks System, but that it will start giving chest compressions and thereby speed its exsanguination.

As I have been writing in many of my personal correspondences and now share with you...

The President's Centennial Initiative is the biggest threat to the NPS.
The President's Centennial Initiative is the biggest threat to the NPS.
The President's Centennial Initiative is the biggest threat to the NPS.
The President's Centennial Initiative is the biggest threat to the NPS


Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 September 2007 )
Promoting Diversity or Marketing the Parks?
Written by Scott Silver   
Monday, 10 September 2007
 In 1999, the Christian Science Monitor ran an article titled, "Whose Heritage? -- Attracting minorities to National Parks."  It began with these words, "As nation becomes more diverse, Park Service tries to bring Blacks and Hispanics to Old Faithful an El Capitan."  The article was about promoting ethnic diversity within the parks.

Today the Tucson Citizen ran an article titled, "National parks try to attract Hispanics -- Centennial Initiative drives push to reach untapped market." That article goes on to say: "Hispanics, who account for more than a quarter of Arizona's population, represent a vast potential market for national parks." Today's article was about marketing park visitation to minority populations.

What's changed?? Here are a few thoughts...
1) Park managers, since 1996, have gotten to keep park entrance fees and they have be forced to rely upon that revenue stream. Prior to 1996, entrance fees were not retained by the NPS.

2) In recent years park managers stopped speaking of visitors and began referring to visitors as "customers."

3) Park managers have been brainwashed, or coerced, into believing that they are in the business of luring paying customers to the entrance gate. During the past decade,  business has been bad, park visitation is in decline, and so a park marketing campaign has been being kicked into high gear.

4) The President's Centennial Initiative is as disingenuous as it is potentially destructive. It is less about reaching out to minority populations than it is about using minority populations as an excuse to further privatize and commercialize the parks while transforming them along the Disneyland model. Learn more.
The appended article begins with some of the more honest words you are likely to read on this topic.

Last Updated ( Monday, 10 September 2007 )
Fishing for RATs
Written by Scott Silver   
Friday, 07 September 2007


Those ubiquitous iron rangers found at Forest Service hiking trails and used to collect RAT payments, are tempting targets for thieves. They're located in remote areas, unguarded and filled with cash.

Read on to see how two trailhead crooks have been fishing in those iron rangers.

Would it surprise you to learn they were using RAT GLUE as bait?


Last Updated ( Friday, 07 September 2007 )
Wallace Found Guilty
Written by Scott Silver   
Thursday, 06 September 2007

Yesterday in Tucson Federal Court, Christine Wallace was found guilty of failing to purchase a US Forest Service recreation pass for $5. This is a criminal misdemeanor offense and as a consequence of this verdict, Mrs. Wallace will have a criminal record unless her case is appealed and the current conviction is overturned.

The crux of the Wallace defense has to do with whether the Forest Service had the authority to charge a recreation fee to someone who had parked on the side of a road and gone for a walk. The Forest Service claimed, and the judge, agreed that such authority was granted in the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA) by virtue of the fact that Wallace was within what the Forest Service is calling a "High Impact Recreation Area" (HIRA).

HIRA is a fiction. The concept does not appear within the law. It was invented by the Forest Service in their effort to circumvent the clearly stated prohibition FLREA placed upon charging merely to walk in the woods or picnic along a road, etc.  Wallace is innocent and, I suggest, it is the Forest Service that is guilty of incorrectly and illegally, ticketing her parked vehicle.

Two summers ago the USFS ticketed MY parked vehicle when I was similarly parked on the side of a road in Oregon. Unlike in the Wallace case, when I told the US Attorney that I looked forward to fighting that ticket because it had been incorrectly and illegally issued, the government declined to prosecute me and my case did not go to trial.

I was innocent and was spared the frustrations, anguish and expenses that Mrs. Wallace has already endured, and will continue to endure during the appeal process that awaits her. Mrs. Wallace is innocent and yet she has been convicted. Where is the justice in this?

Pasted below is an article about yesterday's proceedings. Perhaps more interesting than the article are the associated comments which can be read on-line. Of the 70 comments already posted NOT ONE deals with the matter of Wallace's guilt or innocence.

Wallace is innocent and that is what matters. The court should have found her not-guilty and it failed to do so.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 September 2007 )
Wilderness Aerotrekking
Written by Scott Silver   
Tuesday, 04 September 2007

Want to explore wilderness, discover ancient ruins, sluice down hidden canyons, run with the coyotes, soar with the eagles and do it all upon a radically modified motorcycle?  Then perhaps you're ready for wilderness aerotrekking — the new way for well-heeled thrill-seekers to get close to nature and to develop a true appreciation for the wild.


What follows is a condensed version of a recently published article titled "Trek into Arizona wilderness - 15 feet off the ground."

A lower-case "w" was used throughout the article when reference was made to wilderness, but that need not have been the case. While you may not legally ride a motorcycle upon federally designated Wilderness, if you've the money there is little, if anything, that can prevent you from riding a winged-motorcycle inches above it.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 September 2007 )
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