Action Alerts and Smoking Guns

The Wild Wilderness website sounds a strong warning. Based upon extensive research, we are convinced that new federal management policies are actively promoting what are, in our opinion, unacceptable levels of "commercialization, privatization and motorization" with respect to recreational opportunities on our nation's public lands.

In years past, federal lands were managed for resource extraction. Soon they will be managed to accommodate and support the needs of "industrial recreation". This change-over is in the early stages and the number of specific NEW examples of increased "commercialization", "privatization" or "motorization" is still limited. This is where we need your help!

Do you have an example to share? All around the country, the effects of these changing policies are just beginning to be felt. Taken one-at-a-time, these individual examples may seem very important to the local regions where they are occurring, but may not seem worthy of national attention. HOWEVER, when viewed in context with similar examples from around the nation, your example will help to expose the scope of this disturbing trend.

We want to learn about what's happening in your area. If you have a specific example of public lands commercialization, privatization or motorization that you personally feel strongly about, then we want to include your example on this website.




This document was prepared by Wild Wilderness. To learn more about ongoing industry-backed congressional efforts to motorize, commercialize, and privatize America's public lands, contact:

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Wild Wilderness
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